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This atmospheric image I refer to as "Solara" the sun goddess spitting fireballs toward the planet earth.

 So why do any of us care about climate change? National Geographic, September 2012, reported that within the continental USA 46 weather disasters occurred during the period 1980-1995 for total losses costing $339 billion. It became much worse! During the ensuing 15 years ending 2010, there were an additional 87 disasters representing losses of $541 billion for the grand sum of $880 billion. Damages less that $1 billion each were not included. The increasing carbon footprint of mankind by the release of greenhouse gases (GHG) is no doubt an event of atmospheric pollution to be addressed - but of the total GHG emitted into the atmosphere each year do we have any idea what percentage can be reasonably attributed to mankind compared with that caused by celestial forcing and natural feedback events? Why do we care how government labels the cause of climate change? Because, rest assured, it will be framed in such a way as to warrant additional taxation. Even if the contribution of GHG emitted by Canada and the United States is known, what about the contributions of countries such as China, India and Europe, or natural emissions such as celestial forcing, volcanic eruptions, natural thawing of Arctic permafrost, wind and ocean currents, etc? It is to be remembered that we all share a common atmosphere.

During the past 2.4 million years there have been approximately 104 systemic glacial cycles on planet earth each, in turn, followed by a warm period called an interglacial. The current interglacial is the Holocene, a warm epoch starting about 18,000 years ago. It is estimated to persist another 36,000 years before appearance of the next ice age. Currently, mankind is experiencing devastating and costly episodes of weather, begging the question - is anthropogenic GHG the cause of such climate anomalies or are the controls natural and/or celestial forces unrelated to man? It is an important question on several levels. For example, on Dec. 8, 2011 Thomas Walkom in a  column for the Kelowna Daily Courier noted "in 1997 former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Cretien signed on to the Kyoto Protocol then did nothing except to impose carbon taxes on its constituents and spent billions of dollars in government subsidies trying to comply with Kyoto".

The attribution to mankind of GHG emissions appeals to politicians because it entails people, whom governments control to some degree, and an opportunity to impose taxes on these polluting culprits. We would be well advised to recognize these glacial cycles (particularly the warm interglacials) for what they represent - repetitive and naturally occuring events over a period of 2.5 million years, long before the presence of "hydrocarbon man".

In the next blog I will discuss the work of Milutin Milankovitch, a Serbian engineer, mathematician and scientist (1879-1958) who theorized that global climate change was brought about by regular changes in the Earth's axis, tilt and orbit that altered the planet's relationship to the Sun, triggering ice ages ---the "Milankovitch Cycles".

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27.04 | 09:49

Your link works. And your statement is thought provoking.

24.01 | 11:42

"Monsters in the closet" are feedbacks~thawing permafrost and ocean acidification.

27.12 | 11:06

Further to the problem of CO2 release from Arctic permafrost
is the entrapment of methane which is released on meltdown. CH4 heat entrapment betters CO2 by 20X.

04.07 | 13:53
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